Need a hand?

Dear Reid Residents

Please let us know if you would like to lend a hand to help our other residents.

Some suggestions are:

  1. make regular phone calls to people who may need or want occasional contact
  2. offer to shop for, or lend books etc. to people who either have to self-isolate or are in quarantine (with the usual precautions).
  3. take dogs or other small animals for a walk and cuddles – & of course, wash your hands!!!
  4. let us know phone numbers for helpful services so we can let residents know what’s happening or available to us here in Reid
  5. let people know about updates re deliveries from supermarkets and pharmacies or to arrange these from our own volunteers
  6. write short articles (i.e. 150 words) for RRA website or future news sheets
  7. make submissions to proposal papers from Government that are relevant to Reid
  8. join Reid Residents’ Association Membership application form and forward to
  9. send us your very own suggestions about how to help.

Please email us back letting us how you might like to help and we will endeavour to coordinate, if necessary, these actions.

We are well aware that this is a rapidly changing situation so we may be soon restricted to email and phone contact only.

We will also letter box drop a hardcopy of the above so that we reach people who may not be comfortable with web technology so please forgive the seeming duplication.

Our best wishes

Reid Residents’ Association Committee –