Reid Residents' Association

Reid Residents' Association

Highlighting and maintaining Reid heritage and its 'Garden City' design
Reid – The suburb

The suburb dates from 1928 and is named after Sir George Reid, Australia’s fourth Prime Minister and a former Premier of New South Wales. It adopts Aboriginal words for its street names.

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About Us

Reid Residents’ Association (RRA) is a volunteer, not for profit residents’ association formed on 14 August 1944 with the following objectives:

  • * foster an appreciation of the present Reid environment and encourage its preservation, taking into account the interest and welfare of the community
  • * support and implement agreed action on Reid community projects and interests.

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Join Us

Membership is free and any Reid resident or other person approved by the committee may apply for membership if they agree to support the association’s objectives.  Residents interested in nominating for a position on RRA committee should contact the committee at

Conservation in Reid

The Reid Housing Precinct was included on the Register of the National Estate on 21 October 1980 and is on the ACT Heritage Register. The intent of heritage listing is to retain and conserve the suburb’s intrinsic features:

  • for their ability to demonstrate historical values including ‘Garden City planning principles and architectural and landscape design from the initial period of urban development within Canberra
  • for the aesthetic unity of the streetscapes arising from the harmonious integration of low-density built forms within a mature landscape setting, and high proportion of landscape space and trees
  • for the social values associated with the retention of communal landscaped reserves and community facilities, whilst managing change to meet the contemporary requirements of residential usage.

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Latest News

Alexander von Humboldt: The Shakespeare of the Sciences
SPECIAL EVENT Alexander von Humboldt The Shakespeare of the Sciences Join us to celebrate the many achievements of Alexander von Humboldt—polymath, geographer, naturalist and explorer, and the first person to describe the phenomenon and cause of human-induced climate change. On...
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RRA Newsletter – August 2019
Invitation to RRA 75th anniversary dinner on 19 September with guest speaker Dr David Headon; concerns with rebuilt Mr Fluffy houses erosion of Reid Housing Precinct heritage values; Neighbourhood Watch report; St John’s new roof & Community Fair, 19 October; 14th Reid Open Houses & Gardens, 10 November.
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Council bypasses heritage to approve new house in Reid
We draw your attention to Paul Costigan’s article ‘Council bypasses heritage to approve new house in Reid’. This article emphasises the necessity for informed judgement when considering the impact on the character of Reid and the other unique heritage precincts in the ACT.
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Stand up for Historic Reid
Reid residents are up in arms over the proposed Mr Fluffy rebuild at 23 Dirrawan Gardens, within the Heritage-listed Reid Housing Precinct. Read all about it!
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