Lake Burley Griffin, West Basin, Block 23 Section 33 Acton Waterfront: Works Application consultation on boardwalk and infill

The proposed infill of Lake Burley Griffin and the Acton Park boardwalk have both supporters and strong opposition. Issues involve loss of public space and yet more high-rise apartments. This area is very close to Reid, a lovely walk along the Lake’s edge. If you have a little spare time here are some issues you may wish to consider and please send off comments on this proposal. Yes, time is short and there’s a lot on! Submissions are  due tomorrow.


Please be aware that there appears to be a recent increase in burglar activity. We have had several reports from Dirrawan Gardens residents of objects and money stolen from cars, even locked cars, and one Coranderrk resident has had repeated visits with thieves removing a garden hose, electric cables, andRead article …

Newsletter 21 March 2020

We are writing to you because of the difficult times that lie ahead. This is a small suburb and many of us have lived here for decades, know our immediate and even further-afield neighbours which, under these circumstances, should help us keep in touch and looking out for each other.