News update 25 March 2024

Apologies for the late web version of the February Newsletter – it had gone into the webmaster’s spam & we, unfortunately didn’t notice it hadn’t been posted. AGM Wednesday 27 March and Reid Park Sports Ground stakeholder Survey open till 31 March

Newsletter – February 2024

AGM will be held at 6 for 6.30 pm Wednesday 27 March 2024; Reid Park Sports Ground Survey (Heritage Grant) please note the QR code so you can participate; ACT Heritage Festival 13 to 28 April & RRA’s event is Conspiracies, continuity and connections;

ACT Heritage Jurisdictional Review update; Bulky Waste Collections for Reid are on Wednesday 10 April and Monday 8 Jul; an information kit is being prepared advising how to rectify foundations of Reid houses; Crime stats; Reid Personalities: the extraordinary Ian; some confusion over the actual age of our residents’ association; Church news and link to Reid Tennis Club.

Mobile Towers and Our Grasslands

Here we go again with mobile towers, which of course we all need, being put on sites that are ‘easy picking’. This area has two endangered communities: Natural Temperate Grassland and Grassy Woodland and is being rehabilitated by ACT Urban Parks and Places volunteers and ACT Natural Resource Management. There are more appropriate sites for this tower and its proposed ‘facilities’ would significantly impact on the connectivity of this fragile area.

UNSW Canberra City Campus Stage 1 – Have your say on the draft concept design

Please see the following message from UNSW about how you can put forward any concerns and issues you have about Stage 1 of City Campus Opportunities to have your say are available through to Friday 15 December 2023. There are a number of ways you can contribute your feedback orRead article …

RRA November 2023 Newsletter

Optus Tower DA rejected; Reid Park Sports Ground stakeholder consultation program; Tree Protection legislation; Heritage Jurisdictional Review; Inquiry into ACT’s Heritage Arrangements; Reid Reminiscences; Reid Open Houses & Gardens; house foundations needing support; Reid Pre-school celebrated 80th birthday; holiday safety; crime stats; community news; AGM notice 27 March ’24; wishing you all a joyous and safe holiday.

RRA August 2023 Newsletter

RRA Heritage Grant success; Pillar Posts second phase almost complete volunteer painters required; Age friendly suburbs program outcomes: residents have been heard; wood heater issues; Updates: Canberra City Stadium, Canberra Olympic Pool, Commonwealth Park Revitalisation Project; 2024 ACT Legislative Assembly election; Reid Reminiscences afternoon tea 10 Sept; Reid Open House & Gardens 29 Oct; Welcome Packs; National Secure at Home Day(s) 23 & 24 September 2023; Crime stats; St John’s Community Fair 14 October 2023.