Please be aware that there appears to be a recent increase in burglar activity. We have had several reports from Dirrawan Gardens residents of objects and money stolen from cars, even locked cars, and one Coranderrk resident has had repeated visits with thieves removing a garden hose, electric cables, andRead article …

Newsletter 21 March 2020

We are writing to you because of the difficult times that lie ahead. This is a small suburb and many of us have lived here for decades, know our immediate and even further-afield neighbours which, under these circumstances, should help us keep in touch and looking out for each other.

2020 RRA AGM postponed

The Reid Residents’ Association (RRA) Annual General Meeting has been postponed. The Committee believes that, in view of the increasing risk of COVID-19 to attendees, it is prudent to reschedule the AGM to a later date. We will look forward to holding the AGM in less risky times.

Strengthened compliance laws to better protect our heritage have now commenced

People who damage heritage places and objects in Canberra will face stronger penalties and may be required to repair damage in recently debated and passed Heritage legislation amendments. The Canberra community is passionate about our shared heritage and has been calling for more effective ways to deal with breaches ofRead article …