Age friendly suburbs program
Please note the good news! The program managers have listened to our concerns regarding proposed concrete paths across Dirrawan and Geerilong Gardens and will focus on the other priorities put forward during the consultations including replacement of two bus stops and kerb ramps.

Reid Park Sports Ground ACT Government 2023 Heritage Grant
We are delighted to announce that the RRA has been granted a Heritage Grant of $29,620 with matching funding from TCCS for the preparation of a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for Reid Sportsground. This grant will include assessment of the trees surrounding Reid Park, sportsfield soil profile and root zone analyses to see how best to proceed with management of the ovals in view of the impact of climate change. This Sports Ground is rapidly approaching 100 years and it is to be hoped that the CMP will contribute to both its continued amenity and the upgrading of its amenities for all users.