Please be aware that there appears to be a recent increase in burglar activity. We have had several reports from Dirrawan Gardens residents of objects and money stolen from cars, even locked cars, and one Coranderrk resident has had repeated visits with thieves removing a garden hose, electric cables, and other objects.

Unfortunately, this is probably par for the course in these stressful times but does raise the need for increased vigilance and local surveillance and also for us all to take precautionary actions.

There is sound advice at https://police.act.gov.au/safety-and-security/home-security.

In addition, we urge you to remove anything tempting from your gardens or cars as even properly locked cars can be broken into with the right expertise.

It is important to notify Police whenever a burglary occurs so that they can identify patterns and hopefully apprehend those involved.

Reporting to Police:

Emergency: 000

Police attendance in a non-emergency situation: 131 444