Welcome fellow Reid Weeders

We are looking forward to our first project and meeting those of you we haven’t met before. 

When:             9.30am – 11.30 am Sunday 2 July

Where:           meet at the Geerilong Gardens playgrounds

Bring:              Water bottle, favourite handtool

Wear:              sensible shoes and gloves (we have some gloves for those who don’t)

We plan to work on one of the laneways in Geerilong Gardens dealing mostly with ivy.

It is important that you register with the ACT Government so that you are covered by their insurance. For those who haven’t done this yet, go to https://app.betterimpact.com/Application?OrganizationGuid=39d8c74b-da74-4602-bef9-a97c42ae0e70&ApplicationFormNumber=1. The Reid Weeders is part of the Molonglo Catchment Group.

There is an agreed plan between Reid Weeders and the ACT Government that outlines where we can work.  As volunteers, we are to use hand tools only. The ACT Government will do any work that requires power tools and will undertake any replanting.  Any weeds should be piled where an ACT Government vehicle can reach them. 

It’s exciting to begin and it’s supposed to be sunny. See you on Sunday.