Comments on the draft new Territory Plan and Draft Inner North and City Strategy are due COB 3 March 2023 via Your Say Conversations. 

Questions to be considered regarding the Draft NEW Territory Plan and the Inner North and City Draft Strategy:

  1. How well does this draft Plan serve the Territory as we move into a future with the predictable challenges of climate change: intense weather events (rain, hail, drought) continuing biodiversity loss, environmental degradation and degrading of infrastructure? The Plan seems silent on such matters.
  2. How should equity be addressed, surely not at the cost of well-planned suburbs?
  3. Where is the intention to conserve green space, our parks and community assets which are so often turned into commercial assets and lost to the community.
  4. Where are protections for heritage precincts and places?
  5. When a Plan has no statutory standing and Technical Specifications are stripped bare what are the consequences of losing appeal rights to the ACT Administrative Appeals Tribunal (ACAT) when buildings do not comply with whatever the undefined nebulous ‘outcomes’ approach is in place?

Check out the Yarralumla Residents Organisation response to the Plan at

The YRA’s submission says it all!