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Aussie Backyard Bird Count – 18–24 October 2021

Join in and add our marvellous birds to the count: in your own backyard or on your walks around Reid, or to Commonwealth Park, around and up Mt Ainslie, in fact anywhere you like wander!

As the website says: Taking part in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count is easy! Just spend 20 minutes in your favourite outdoor space and tell us about the birds you see during that period. You can submit your results using the app or the web form. Every count helps.

And for our beautiful birds’ sake, keep cats inside, particularly at night.

Superb Fairy-wren is the 2021 Australian bird of the Year

Yes, these ‘Tiny little balls of pure joy’ are sighted in Reid and around Canberra! Find out more about these exquisite birds on the Canberra Birds website which includes detailed data and you can even download their call.


E-Petition to complete the chain link fence along the Limestone Ave edge of Reid Oval to increase safety.

The petitioners are requesting the ACT ‘Assembly to call upon the Government to extend the current Reid Oval steel tube and chain link fence along the entire length of Limestone Ave, and repair broken segments to reduce the risk of sporting equipment, children and animals inadvertently crossing into the path of motorists’. In addition to the important safety issue, this fence looks incomplete and is quite shabby in parts – not a good look for such a popular area!

Spring growth:

The recent rain has certainly brought on the weeds. The ACT website 2020–21 Invasive Plants Annual Report provides detailed information on the constant work to control invasive plants. It’s well worth reading. Further, you might like to check your own garden and take measures to get on top of weed plants.

The Pest Plants and Animals (Pest Plants) Declaration 2015 (No 1) Disallowable instrument DI2015 – 59 cites plant species that are prohibited in the ACT. Sadly, legacy plantings in Reid include species that have proven to be major problems for our environment. Some of the prohibited plants include cotoneaster, periwinkle (Vinca major), English ivy and Japanese honeysuckle. You may think you can keep some of these plants under control but if they are berry-producing species obviously it is not possible to control birds that then translocate the seeds into our bushlands and parks where, unfortunately, they too often flourish. This is a good time to remove these weed species and replace with much more appropriate plants. Ideas can be found on RRA website in the Guide to Heritage Garden Plants.

You can also report sightings of Invasive weed species at Nasty Weeds, Please Report

Replacing Reid’s street trees

Please let us know ( if you have noticed trees that need to be replaced so that we can compile a list for action next autumn or spring. Alternatively, you can pinpoint exactly where a tree needs replacing using the map at Tree planting across CBR.

North Canberra Community Council – survey on social media communications

The NCCC has commissioned SEE-Change to assist in preparing a social media communications strategy. This survey will take only about 7 minutes and will help inform NCCC how best to use social media and the current social media habits of residents and resident associations. It would really help to get your ideas so that there is a well-informed strategy.