Trust Talks: ‘READING’ A BUILDING ­–– National Trust ACT ­

Monday 18 March 6 pm Hotel Kurrajong


The inaugural Trust Talk will be presented by two award-winning Canberra architects, Philip Leeson & David Hobbes. Philip and David will shed light on how we ‘read’ buildings in order to answer such questions as:

  • How old is this building?
  • What style is it?
  • Which bit was built first?
  • Who did what to this building and when?
  • What are its faults?
  • What is the most important part?
  • What can be demolished or altered without diminishing its value?

Answering these questions allows us to more fully understand a building either for our own education and interest or in order to make better informed decisions when tasked with making changes or interpreting a building.