Towers over Glebe Park – City Block 21 Section 65 – proposal!

A wide 14-storey tower has been proposed for the little car park in front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel (behind the front hedge). It will be a Holiday Inn Express, a budget hotel that offers nothing for the community and has no parking.

That side of Binara Street and the area which includes Glebe Park Residences, and the Casino currently includes a mandatory 9-storey height restriction 

 Other multi-storey developments (e.g. the new Geocon ones) are across the road from the park – but this one is adjacent to the park fence! The giant 14-storey tower would loom large and overwhelmingly over the park, thus overshadowing it. 

A reduction in height to 9 storeys would minimise visual bulk, comply with the crown lease and prevent overshadowing of historic Glebe Park. Please read the proposal (link below) and submit an objection before EOB 20th May, while there is still a chance to stop or modify this development.

Currently, this is the compulsory community consultation process prior to the submission of a development application.

These developers have not contacted anyone in the area, most certainly not Reid residents. Despite that, the consultation meeting, on 6 May 2021, was filled to overflowing and everyone there was upset and against the proposal.

If the company submits a development application (DA), which they expect to do in June, there will be a public notification period when it will be important for you to submit your objections again as part of that process.

Link to the project at:

Greater attention to detail would be useful!

Feedback, with your full contact details included:

The company must respond to all feedback and submit that to the government with a development application, so every submission will have a big impact. The number of submissions will be critical.

If this 14-storey tower is approved, it is sure to be followed by more tall towers in that area and in Reid.