RRA October 22 Newsletter

We have some important news that just can’t wait until our November newsletter!

‘From Pillar to Post’

The Reid Residents’ Association has been awarded second ACT Heritage Grant for 2022–23 with matched funding from Roads ACT to complete the conservation of the ‘Rockite’ pillar posts in Ainslie, Braddon and Reid. Please see Nick Fuller’s account featured in the Canberra Weekly, 29 September, at: https://canberraweekly.com.au/from-pillar-to-post-restoring-canberras-heritage-street-signs/.

Safety fence – Reid Park

The chain wire fence along the Limestone Avenue edge of Reid Park has been completed and we thank Gary Fan (see below with furry friends, Snowy & Mia) who took up a partition with the support of the Attorney-General, Minister Rattenbury, to have the chain wire fence extended to the Euree St/Limestone Ave corner. Many residents were very concerned that the potential of escaping dogs and small children combined with the traffic that speeds along Limestone Avenue were an accident ready to happen.

Photo: © Lachlan Essery

Although the petition didn’t reach the required 500 signatures it is a relief that this area has been fenced and we congratulate the Chief Minister for progressing this matter.

Light rail is coming – changes to traffic and parking in the city: Media Release, 26 Sept.

We are very concerned about the impact of the impeding changes to traffic and parking for Reid.

Issues are many and include lack of consultation, potential damage to nature strips and street trees, noise and pollution. How safe will our streets be for pedestrians and motorists? What level of resourcing will be applied to manage overstay parking and illegal parking? Will there be speed abatement?

Reid is a quiet, residential, mostly heritage-listed area with many elderly residents who need to cross very busy roads safely. We are seeking an integrated approach across relevant agencies to address, and we hope, significantly mitigate the impact of these changes on Reid.

Reid weeders – volunteers wanted!

Just a reminder to click on www.cityservices.act.gov.au/public-land/maintenance/volunteering and fill in the form so we can get weeding. Volunteering this way enables us as a registered volunteer group, to have insurance cover, assistance with equipment and removing prunings etc. As we said in the last newsletter it’s great to get on top of invasive grasses, English Ivy, Vinca and woody weeds such as Cotoneaster and St John’s Wort and it can be fun checking on our Gang‑gangs, having BBQs and excellent morning teas.

If you’d like to lend a helping hand, send us an email: info@reid.northcanberra.org.au

St John’s Fair: 9 am to 2 pm 15 October 2022

RRA will be running an information booth at the Fair in conjunction with the National Trust (ACT) so please drop by and have a chat on your way to find some amazing bargains, delicious cakes, delectable jams and just the right plant for your garden.