Newsletter – May 22


Further information has just been received regarding trespassers last night on properties in Boroondara Street and Geerilong Gardens, Reid. Both properties concerned have CCTV footage that recorded images of persons, masked and wearing beanies, quite obviously seeking to break in. This time their attempts were unsuccessful, possibly because of exterior lighting and cameras. The incidents have been reported to ACT Police.

Please consider both your property and your safety and take advice on how best to improve precautionary security measures.


The RRA Committee is working in cooperation with ACT Neighbourhood Watch Inc. Further information at Reid crime statistics for the last three months:

February March April
Ainslie Avenue Assault other Assault causing ABH Other property damage x 2
Ainslie Avenue Other property damage x 2 Motor vehicle theft
Ainslie Avenue Burglary dwelling
Ainslie Avenue Other theft
Ainslie Avenue Assault causing ABH
Allambee Street Theft of vehicle number plates Other property damage x 3
Allambee Street Assault other
Allambee Street Motor vehicle theft
Boolee Street Bicycle theft Theft of vehicle number plates Bicycle theft
Boolee Street Motor vehicle theft
Boolee Street Other theft
Cooyong Street Other theft Other theft
Coranderrk Street Other theft x 2
Coranderrk Street Burglary dwelling
Currong Street Motor vehicle theft Motor vehicle theft
Dirrawan Gardens Bicycle theft
Elimatta Street Assault causing ABH
Euree Street Motor vehicle theft
Gooreen Street Other property damage


ACT Police’s May 2022 traffic focus is ‘Roadworthiness’. To be registered, your vehicle must be suitable for safe use (roadworthy) and meet the standards required by law.

  • Regularly check that your windscreen wipers and washers, horn and seatbelts are working.
  • Check your lights are working, including headlights, brake lights and indicators. You must not drive at night if your lights are not working.
  • Your tyres (including the spare) must be in good condition.
  • Check your vehicles in May but also every month.


According to the RSPCA, Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world with about 61% of households owning a pet. Dogs are the most common (40%) followed by cats (21%). Obviously, Australians love their pets. And, judging from the number of dog walkers seen in Reid, our residents do too. So, perhaps it is time to remind ourselves of the ACT Government’s rules about keeping pets.

In short, both dogs and cats must be micro-chipped, registered annually, desexed (unless exempted), and under control at all times.

Please note the new laws for cat containment and cat registration that the ACT Government has introduced. Cat containment requirements apply to all cats born from 1 July 2022 and means keeping your cat on your premises 24 hours a day. A number of suburbs have also been declared cat containment areas which means all cats in these areas, regardless of age, must be contained.

While dogs are not required to be contained, it’s expected that dogs are to be under your control at all times, whether they on or off-leash. This means a person can prevent the dog from approaching other animals or people by either restraining the dog or using commands. Droppings in public places must be removed by the dog owner.

More information can be found on the ACT Government website about requirements and penalties.

Obviously, your pet should receive good nutrition, adequate exercise, stimulation, and good veterinary care. Not only will they be happier, but so will you and your neighbours.


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