Lock your vehicles and your house

ACT Policing is urging Canberrans to secure their vehicles and homes following continuing easy vehicle thefts.

Officer in Charge of Woden Station, Detective Inspector Shane Scott has reminded residents to make sure their cars and homes are locked.

‘In October, we saw at least 27 vehicles where the owner’s key was used to steal the vehicle. We know people are continuing to leave keys in unlocked vehicles. And we know people are leaving homes unlocked – allowing criminals to easily enter, steal the key and then steal the vehicle,’ said Detective Inspector Scott.

‘In 2021 it should be very difficult to take a modern vehicle. Very few cars can still be “hot-wired’. But we know the majority of the 1450 vehicles reported stolen in the past year were stolen with the vehicle’s key.

‘We also know opportunistic thieves are checking for unlocked vehicles in garages, parking lots and in driveways. In many cases they are finding wallets, handbags, cash and phones in these unlocked vehicles.

‘Please make it hard for thieves. Lock your home. Lock your car – every time. And do not leave valuables in your vehicle.’

ACT Policing is also warning the community about the issue of number plate theft. Criminals regularly steal number plates and place them on a stolen vehicle to avoid police detection.

Canberrans can secure their plates with tamper-proof screws – available free at all police stations.