A note to you all: 3 January 2020

Although there are no fires at present in the ACT we are facing a potentially disastrous situation over this weekend. The ACT Government has declared a State of Alert.

Advice on the Emergency Services Agency webpage clearly states:

What we need you to do? https://esa.act.gov.au/state-alert-declared-act-0

  • This State of Alert means as a community, we must all be prepared.
  • Your Bushfire Survival Plan* is a key tool to ensure you have a plan and are ready to enact it.
  • It’s just four simple steps: DISCUSS – PREPARE – KNOW – KEEP
  • By taking 20 minutes with your family to discuss what you’ll do during a fire, you could save their lives, as well as your home.
  •  Keep up to date with the latest information available by monitoring the ACT ESA webpage.

Air quality

  • During these periods of heavy smoke, all Canberrans are advised to keep an eye on smoke levels in their area and avoid prolonged or heavy physical activity outside.
  • For healthy individuals, although people may feel some discomfort at this time, the impact of the smoke is minimal. Exposure to high levels of PM is unpleasant, but there is no evidence of long-term harm to healthy people from such episodes as we currently have.
  • People who are sensitive to smoke, especially those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions, should take extra care by staying indoors where possible and taking medication as prescribed by their doctor.
  • Keep up to date with the latest health advice through the ACT Health website (www.health.act.gov.au)

*Bush fire survival plan: homes

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