Heritage Festival ACT 14–29 April 2018

The 2018 Canberra and Region Heritage Festival: My culture, my story, devotes 16 days to the celebration of Aboriginal, European and natural heritage in and around our nation’s capital.  Full details are available here…

This year’s Heritage Festival will focus on what makes a place special, encouraging us all to embrace the future by sharing the strength of our cultural identities.  Please note that there are a number of tours available in the heritage precinct of Reid  as well as many other fascinating tours and talks

Our sense of identity and continuity is drawn from highly distinctive cultural expressions, passed down through generations and evolving in response to their environment. Through learning about our own identity we are better able to respect each other and create a more inclusive society.

So tell us your story and celebrate intangible cultural expression through dance, costume, music and poetry, storytelling, and traditional games and handicrafts.

Email: linda.roberts@act.gov.au Phone: 6205 0255